Board Meeting Minutes

ABGERO Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2021

Attendees: Andrew Heck, Karen White, Michelle Mlinac, Peter Lichtenberg, Victor Molinari (ex-officio), Sue Whitbourne, Rick Zweig, Weston Donaldson, Toni Wroolie, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, Lindsey Jacobs, Shane Bush, Greg Henrichsen

Absent: Elizabeth Shumaker, Jennifer Birdsall

Category Presenter (title, name) Item(s) Information Action Items Responsible Party Due Date Comments
Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes President (Heck) Approving prior minutes from 3/28/2022 meeting approved White will submit
General Announcements From 4/20/22 ABPP President’s Meeting:



CO IT updates

CO will be asking SBs to think creatively about ways to increase applicant pipeline.

CO may be asking SBs their plans for using funds, may be laying ground for future financial activity audit in light of dramatically reduced travel.

Brief discussion on logistics of SB scholarships: go through Foundation? Foundation does admin and disbursement while SB makes selections? A rep from the Foundation will be attending the next Presidents’ meeting for Q&A.

New system up and running.  Developer asking SBs for patience as it is implemented.  CO offered multimodal training to involved SB personnel.

Website Updates President (Heck) Outreach committee has been working on substantial website updates

–        E.g. in person to virtual exams

ABPP BoT Update Whitbourne/Gallagher Thompson General announcements

ABGERO webinar

Wrooliei will fill in for Whitbourne in San Diego

Marketing committee will be putting out new brochure; efforts to improve social media presence

A. Heck formally nominated D. Gallagher-Thompson to develop a webinar on Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Depression in Older Adults


Work with ABPP liaison to develop webinar

May benefit listserve use to generate key points

D. Gallagher-Thompson
Finance Update Shumaker (Treasurer) submitted report Financial status update Unable to attend: report submitted:  03/22 $41,015.42. Current expense since last meeting was annual council of specialty dues and cost split with COPGTP.
Committee Updates:

Molinari, Bush, Jacobs-Dodson; Heck update

ECP Rep (Jacobs-Dodson)


Lichtenberg- Mlinac


Wroolie/Gallagher Thompson


Vacant (to be appointed)

J. Birdsall provided update to Heck


Nominations Committee


Early Career Update

Exam Committee: Credentials Updates

Exam Committee: Samples Review Updates

MOC Committee

Inclusion Committee

Appeals Committee

Subspecialty Committee

Outreach Committee

See above update from CO.  Implementation of ABGERO scholarship paused while CO considers similar logistical issues from multiple SBs.

Working on 2 workgroups; toolkits for geropsych competency assessment. Michelle has reaching out to early career and mid-career not doing clinical work

No updates; steady stream of interest of people at all stages and optimistic about the pipeline

Exam 05/25/2022 and one person waiting. No one right now actively in the pipeline- some now eligible. More people are asking for mentors

Awaiting updated website from CO and updates to listserve then the infrastructure will be in place to disseminate info about MOC- thinking about CE for this and next year for those boarded in 2014. CO wants us to i.d. MOC reviewers

Update on inclusion-based Ethics vignettes; APA Guidelines on inclusive language circulated; feedback from the group elicited

No active or recent exam appeals.


Updates on current initiatives:

1.      Researching listserv issues preventing full engagement of ABGERO membership/

2.      Conducting a listserv survey of membership

3.      Plan to manage website updates, including cross information with other aging organizations.

–        Cecilia is almost done finalizing website edits on ABGERO for geropsych website updates (SCG, Gerocentral, Div20, PLTC)

Request for presentation on ABGERO to PLTC

Pilot consultation group with Optimal Aging Center sent by Erin Emery-Tiburcio

One potential candidate for specialty subcommittee per Andrew/ Will work out role with BOT rep

Second board vacancy at the end of this year- possible candidate



Discussion of how to pilot test the vignettes.

Plan to present at the July board meeting for final review

Propose format for list serve platform proposed

Rec to add board members first

Whitbourne has a webinar

Several interested- 2 to be selected to start

A.      Heck will continue to f/u with potential candidate

Dolores and inclusion committee

Old Business
Heck PCR Plan of correction Completed and sent to CO.  Original PCR reviewer no longer on relevant BoT committee; Christina Pietz to review ABGERO PCR response.  Likely to be presented at June 2022 BoT meeting.
Mlinac Update all written procedural references re: reduction from 3000 to 2000 hours re: supervised postdoc hours. Recommendations sent to Jennifer Confirm  completion A.      Heck
Heck ABGERO BoT representative Attach responsibility to R. Allen’s vacated BOD position.  Ongoing recruitment to fill this role. A. Heck, S. Bush
New Business:
Mlinac Proposal for adjusting requirements for Senior Option Research/admin/teaching positions wanting to apply and may not have a pathway for clinical cases. Re-define senior?

–        Make the allowance already in existence more specific

–        Samples may be helpful

–        Increasing accessibility to people in various points in their career

–        Investigate what other boards do

–        Will continue to discuss. Lindsey and Michelle will reach out to health and suggest potential edits for the manual

–        Potential ethical vignettes to be added

Set Next Meeting  July 25th, 2022 4pm ET