Board Meeting Minutes

ABGERO Meeting Minutes

4:00 EST

Attendees: Andrew Heck, Karen White, Sue Whitourne, Greg Hinrichesen, Rick Zweig, Weston Donaldson, Beth Mulligan, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, Toni Wroolie, Jennifer Birdsall

Absent: Shane Bush, Victor Molinari, Peter, Jacobs-Dodson, Michelle Mlinac



Presenter (title, name)



Action Items

Responsible Party

Due Date


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

President (Heck)

Approving prior minutes from meeting 09/26/2022

Birdsall will check BOD email distribution list (k. White, Weston)



submit for upload 09/26/2022 and 07/25/2022

K. White



General Announcements



Heck last meeting as president- Whitbourne will take over


Greg’s Hinrichesen last meeting


New president elect- Toni Wroolie


Discussion to contribution for June Blum








Greg Hinrichsen spoke about June and will look into contribution options: In lieu of flowers, donations are requested for the June Blum, Ph.D. Award in Geriatric Psychology, given to a trainee or junior faculty member at for excellence in scholarly work in the field of geriatric psychology. To contribute, please contact, Principal Gifts Officer, at 929-241-4825



Website Updates



Updated list of board members, hours update, credentials- website up to date






Finance Update

Heck/Shumaker (Treasurer)

Financial status update

Treasurer report- $42,000

New updated form for reimbursement









Committee Updates:



































Heck update




































ECP Rep (Jacobs-Dodson)













Lichtenberg- Mlinac













































BOT updates






Nominations Committee















































Early Career Update







Exam Committee: Credentials Updates






Exam Committee: Samples Review Updates






Inclusion committee










Outreach Committee









MOC Committee










Appeals Committee























Delores 04/20/2023 9-12 CE webinar

Erin tiburcio  fill in moving forward



We have vacancies accounted for and filled; reviewed there were some blanks


Sue will send zoom link








We can go through foundation for scholarships- they will process, consult for selection, disperse money (will handle administrative aspects) or we can do on our own

































Ways to enhance early career involvement






Continued interest















Inquire about stats on diversity. Sharon Bowman new chair of diversity committee- attestation will be asking for demographic info- starting to collect hat now



New board gaggle group, websites updates, will be meeting quarterly, sent out results of survey, up to date on agenda items for 2022, how to increased engagement on listserves



Update CEU or professional activities that are CE like and gero specific for 2023; portal still not working- you can do the self study grid without having to upload anything



None reported







Heck will update terms on drop box



will set up for calendar year 2023


double check emails on BOD gaggle account




Group discussion:

–        Group members suggesting the board manages this in house

–        Barriers raised

–        Processes can be developed

–        Communication committee can take over, exec committee can be reviewers

–        Targeting early career and diversity candidates (Prioritize, systematic processes)

–        Rolling admission: consider purpose of the money- offset travel/exam cost/supporting CE/attending professional meetings

Vote on ourselves versus foundation- motion to do ourselves

























Wroolie will clarify if info will be shared per specialty



















Zweig will send reminder around



















K. White








Whitbourne and Heck  to coordinate with Molinari and Mlinac


























Old Business:



Ethics vignette updates

Discussion of ethics vignette after board review

Heck completed his review- when you feel they are done and ready they are done and ready to be used at new meeting- no need to formally pass

–        Gallagher-Thompson requested everyone look at them







Heck distributed comments this am for response









5:00 EST







Set Next Meeting

01/30/2022 4pm EST