Board Meeting Minutes

ABGERO Meeting Minutes

Monday, 12/7/20

Meeting called to order at 3:05 PM Eastern Time

Attendance: Shane Bush (president), Andrew Heck (president-elect), Victor Molinari (immediate past-president), Michelle Mlinac (secretary), Susan Whitbourne (treasurer), Toni Wroolie, Greg Hinrichsen, Peter Lichtenberg, Elizabeth Shumaker (EC)

Unable to Attend: Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, Rick Zweig, Rebecca Allen, Heather Smith

Welcome & President’s report – (Bush)

  • This is final meeting as president. It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience thanks to a fantastic Board.
  • Action items from 8/31/20 meeting: None
  • Examiners-in-training/observers
    • Same process for in-person or teleconference: Despite possible opportunities with Zoom to observe (possible inappropriate reviewing of materials) or interact with candidates during breaks, remain uninvolved.
    • Deviation from this policy may lead to an appeal
  • Ethical problems in applicant/candidate materials/exams
    • Types of error(s)- range from minor to major/egregious.
      • Minor errors would include typos or minor, nonsignificant scoring errors.
      • Major/egregious errors would involve using incorrect norms or serious calculation errors that could cause substantial harm.
    • Does this place an ethical burden on the practice sample reviewers, oral examiners, or other ABPP personnel who are aware of such errors?
    • Are ABPP reviewers, oral examiners, and other ABPP personnel who are aware of the error, obligated to take any remedial action pursuant to Ethical Standard 1.04 (Informal Resolution of Ethical Violations) or 1.05 (Reporting Ethical Violations)?
    • Complicating factors include:
      • State licensing laws vary on filing complaints.
      • Where the examinee is licensed may be different than where the examiners are licensed. Some states mandate the reporting of misconduct, while other states are less clear about this matter. Nevertheless, reviewers/examiners must ensure they are adhering to their states’ licensing law. In the case of the mandated reporting, examiners would be required to discharge their duty.
      • Practice sample material is de-identified/redacted, which complicates filing a complaint.
      • No prior ABPP warning was provided that serious ethical violations could be reported to the appropriate governing body. Consequently, this raises a risk management issue for ABPP.
    • The BOT in conjunction with the ABPP Ethics Committee is exploring solutions
      • g., statement of warning on website, informal resolutions, consultation with ABPP executive officer and Trust Risk Management, filing formal licensing board complaint. – Discussed at length during BOT meeting – are procedural errors treated as ethical violations? At what point does it become a reportable issue? Discussed options (e.g., ask ABPP ethics committee to look into it, come up with suggestions). This is extremely rare.
      • For ABGERO – how should we handle this? What would be effect on applications? For now, BOT not encouraging specific action items for specialty boards. Things that arise during exam process (e.g., written materials), feedback given to examinee. Defer to ABPP on future directions on this.

Secretary’s report – (Mlinac)

  • Minutes from 8/31/20 board conference call were approved via email vote.

Nominations Committee report (Molinari)

  • Nominations solicited with ABGERO listserv for President-elect, Treasurer, and MAL
    • Discussion nomination of Sue Whitbourne President-elect
    • Discussed other ABGERO specialists who may be interested
    • Consider B. Shumaker for non-EC MAL, solicit for early career
  • Outreach Committee: 3-year terms of chair and committee members ending
    • Soliciting volunteers for new chair and members

Treasurer’s report/budget – (Whitbourne)

  • No financial update
  • Will work w/incoming Treasurer around transition.

Board of Trustees report – (Heck)

  • New representative (Whitbourne) approved by BOT
  • Discrepancy between ABPP process and our policy regarding BOT rep term length needs to be reconciled
  • ABPP reviewing process around their IT issues – in progress
  • Bylaws review – BOT requesting a standard format for all specialty boards.
    • Our bylaws were recently approved so should need minimal edits if any
  • SMI specialty moving to implementation phase
  • Additional specialties forthcoming for consideration (e.g. psychopharmacology)
  • Virtual exams, including post-covid – up to specialty boards
    • ABGERO has had good results and interest in virtual exams
    • May also consider resuming in-person option as well
  • PKI protection for practice samples, Example consent form available for candidates, also new ways to encrypt submissions.

Exams – (Heck)

  • Mlinac taking over as exam coordinator.
  • Next round of exams 12/18 – three candidates

Inclusion/Diversity Committee – (Wroolie)

  • No update. Will provide update at next meeting.

Mentoring – (Mlinac)

  • MANY people requesting mentors, and let Michelle know if available for mentoring.
  • Michelle & Heather presented @ GSA on mentoring and outreach.

Outreach Committee – (Smith)

  • Committee noticed uptick for use of listserv.
  • Creating survey for ABGERO around use of listserve – what would be helpful etc.

ECP report – (Shumaker)

  • Will be aging out of early career in the next year or two (max is 10 years post-doctorate).
  • Will plan to co-present to fellows again with someone recently passing exam.

Other new business – (all)

  • Discussion of scholarships – a central listing of all ABPP scholarships/grants is being created.
  • Consider creation of ABGERO scholarship – discussion of criteria.

2021 Board meetings – (Heck)

  • Schedule is forthcoming.

Final words – (Bush and others)

  • Shane re-stated how enjoyable and rewarding it has been serving at president. Looking forward to continuing to serve with this fantastic group as immediate past-president. Thank you to everyone for making the job easy, fun, and productive.
  • Andrew, Victor and others thanked Shane for his service as president.

Adjourned 4:00