Board Meeting Minutes

ABGERO Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2021

Attendees: Heck, Molinari (ex-officio), Hinrichsen, Jacobs-Dodson, Gallagher-Thompson, Bush, Shumaker, Zweig, Donaldson, Birdsall (Outreach Chair), Mlinac, Whitbourne, Wroolie

Absent: White, Lichtenberg

Category Presenter (title, name) Item(s) Information Action Items Responsible Party Due Date Comments
Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes President (Heck) Approving prior minutes from 1/28/2022 meeting
Welcome to new Outreach Chair Jennifer Birdsall
General Announcements ABPP CO New IT system being rolled out All new candidate applications will go through new system.
Website Updates President (Heck)
ABPP BoT Update Whitbourne/Gallagher Thompson General announcements



Status of proposal for webinar

BoT stated traffic to the Specialist website is low


Dolores Gallagher-Thompson volunteered to to ABGERO webinar topic for ABPP series




ABGERO to formally recommend as such to L. Carobello, webinar series coordinator




A. Heck

Finance Update Shumaker (Treasurer) Financial status update The treasury has $36,304.32 with few recent expenditures.
Committee Updates:



















Molinari, Bush, Jacobs-Dodson







ECP Rep (Jacobs-Dodson)











Lichtenberg- Mlinac













Wroolie/Gallagher Thompson








Vacant (to be appointed)


J. Birdsall





Nominations Committee












Early Career Update





Exam Committee: Credentials Updates






Exam Committee: Samples Review Updates





MOC Committee







Inclusion Committee






Appeals Committee



Subspecialty Committee



Outreach Committee







Final draft produced.  V. Molinari agreed to be point of contact for prospective recipients.  Aiming for April 1, 2022 rollout.  ABGERO Scholarship Committee to make decisions on recipients.


CoPGTP continues to work on new capacity assessment tool and training.



ABGERO continues to receive steady stream of applications from well-qualified appicants.



Two candidates are currently ready for oral examination.





R. Zwieg has MOC updates ready to convey to ABGERO membership, but listserv issues have prevented distribution.



Working on inclusion-based Ethics vignettes for oral exam process.




No active or recent exam appeals.





Gave presentation on current initiatives, including the following:


1.      Researching listserv issues preventing full engagement of ABGERO membership.

2.      Conducting a listserv survey of membership

3.      Plan to manage website updates, including cross information with other aging organizations.






Develop plan for information distribution.







Keep ABGERO apprised of progress.











Coordinate upcoming oral exams.





Fix listerv issues then distribute information to membership.





Continue vignette development in consultation with S. Bush and R. Allen (original vignette authors)








Continue work on initiatives.



1.      Present findings to President for further action




2.      Develop survey content














L. Jacobs-Dodson












M. Mlinac






A. Heck, J. Birdsall


















Outreach Committee

Old Business
Heck PCR Plan of correction A. Heck to carry out revisions and submit to CO


Executive Committee resolutions:

·       Vote on new board position (BoT rep)

·       Create a separate exam manual

·       Move to binary (pass/fail) ratings on exams

·       Initiate observation process for new examiners

In process.  New exam manual drafted, awaiting finalization. A. Heck
Mlinac Vote on changing required consultation hours to 2000 for someone who has not had a formal gero postdoc Motion passed unanimously. Update all written procedural references from 3000 to 2000 hours. M. Mlinac
Gallagher-Thompson Status of launching ABGERO peer consultation group Issue tabled for now due to competing priorities.  May re -launch at another time. Drop from agenda.

New Business:

Heck Bylaws change vote: create new position for BoT rep Strategy change: BoT representation will be the responsibility of ABGERO BoD member who is selected to fill the spot vacated by R. Allen. Recruit new board member ASAP. A. Heck, entire BOD
Set Next Meeting Heck Monday, May 23, 2022