Board Meeting Minutes

ABGERO Diversity Committee Minutes

Date/Time: 11/27/17, 2:00 PM Eastern

Location: Conference Call

PRESENT:  Drs. Michelle Mlinac (chair), Victor Molinari, Shane Bush

ABSENT:   None



No. Topic Highlights Motions/Outcome
1 Opening Remarks

(Dr. Molinari)

Importance of diversity for both ABPP and ABGERO.

Dr. Molinari serves on the ABPP Diversity Committee(next meeting 11/29/17).

2 Reviewed ABGERO Diversity survey results. High response rate for the survey.

ABGERO diversity trends seem to be similar to those found in SCG survey for geropsychology more generally.

Fair diversity when conceptualized broadly, but very little racial/ethnic diversity.

Good diversity in terms of age of diplomates within ABGERO.

3 Ways to increase diversity within geropsychology in general and ABGERO specifically. 1.     Outreach –within and beyond geropsychology community.  Outreach to specific APA divisions, ABPP specialties, etc. that represent diverse populations to discuss ways of sharing information and collaborating.

2.     Use funds to establish scholarships.

3.     Keep diversity issues running through all ABGERO/ geropsychology activities.

Will continue to discuss and set specific goals and plan.
4 Increase ethnic/racial/cultural diversity within the ABGERO Board of Directors. 1.     Seek the expertise and Board involvement of an ABGERO diplomate who represents ethnic/cultural/racial diversity.

The BoD currently has its total of 15 members.  It may be time for 1 or members to rotate off.

2.     Determine whether an ABGERO diplomate representing such diversity can represent ABGERO by serving on the ABPP Diversity Committee (and being a member of the ABGERO BoD).

1.     Dr. Molinari will determine whether 1 or more BoD members is ready to rotate off.

2.     Dr. Molinari will check with ABPP Diversity Committee chair.

5 Dissemination of ABGERO Diversity survey results 1.     Informal dissemination of survey results to ABGERO diplomates (with request for assistance with diversity agenda).

2.     Write up results of diversity survey for publication in SCG newsletter (or elsewhere).

1.     Dr. Molinari to post on ABGERO listserv.

2.     Dr. Mlinac to take the lead, with Drs. Molinari and Bush and student Adrian Badana contributing.  To begin after the holidays.

Meeting Adjourned 2:30 PM

Minutes recorded & submitted by:

Shane S. Bush, Ph.D.

Secretary, American Board of Geropsychology