Senior Option Examples

Dear Dr. Molinari,

Please find attached, a Table of Contents, my Professional Self Study Statement and 3 work samples demonstrating my skills and accomplishments in the field of geropsychology.

The first sample is an article I wrote with the help of 3 of my colleagues at Heritage Clinic: “Providing Psychotherapy to Older Adults in Home: Benefits, Challenges and Decision-Making Guidelines.” While this article is co-authored with Dr. Jamie Garis, Dr. Cynthia Jackson and Dr. Regina McClure, it was based largely on my work, and I was the lead author. This article references my competence in the areas of assessment, intervention (and some in consultation) The article discusses recommendations for thoughtfully intervening with older adults who are homebound, suggesting ways to think through clinical, ethical and legal challenges to the treatment process. It discusses suggestions for assessing the meaning of client behaviors andrequests in the context of in-home work, leading to appropriate treatment responses. Also included are suggestions for responding to uninvited interdisciplinary consultation.

To read more, please Download PDF